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Embr: Uber Firefighters (PS4)

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Join Embr, the Emergency Services Revolution, and become an Embr Respondr today! Fight fires and save lives while climbing the ladder of success, all within the comfort of flexible working hours. Embr's mission is simple; bring uber firefighting to everyone, everywhere. It's time to redefine the firefighting service paradigm and give the power to you - the people - and we'll take care of the pesky paperwork. The emergency services revolution: Join the brand new Embr Early Access program and help shape the future of Embr as a valued Embr Respondr and Community Member! Respondr coordinated response: Tackle jobs with up to three fellow Respondrs to make even the most deadliest fire a co-op fuelled stroll through the park. Long and extensive career path: Climb the ladder of success as you become the best in the business. Amass ratings from your clients, and unlock even harder jobs! Release date: 24 September 2021. This item is FREE delivery. Game disc.