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Instant Sports Paradise Nintendo Switch

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Instant Sports Paradise makes the sun shine bright on your family workouts! Travel to the other side of the planet and enjoy an experience up to 4 local players, all on your cosy couch. Features: - Explore an open world: Instant Sports Paradise takes place in an Oasis full of history and mysteries. A blue lagoon, palm trees and hot sand... There's a lot of secrets to discover between workouts. - Co-Operation & Competition: Play with or versus your friends. Challenge your own scores and break your own records. - 9 Summer Sports: Have fun and test yourself with exhilarating sports like Jet-ski, Seaplane, Bowling, Football, Ping-pong and much more. - Enjoy your Holidays: Be a real tourist, enjoy seaside chill-out activities. - Unlock all kinds of character customization items: Leave your hotel with your favourite clothes. Surprise islanders and your friends with fun and astonishing outfits! Have you ever seen Santa Claus at the beach?